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Meet the team

Prof. Avinash Mishra

B.Sc. Tech (Electronics Instrumentation & Biomedical Engineering)

He is known for his cool and calm approach towards the subject which makes him unique. He makes sure that under any circumstances, the student should not be given extreme pressure as he believes that the best output is produced only when Pressure is minimum and Self involvement is maximum.

He encourages the students to cultivate the habit of planning their time for studies without compromising on their extracurricular activities which makes students more effective in learning as they do not feel the burden, but they still learn to understand instead of memorizing stuffs.

He brings the best out of students not by pushing them, but by encouraging them and making them understand the importance of the subject and studies. Students love him and always call him as a COOLEST Professor of Physics and they happily approach him for their problems related to Physics.

He has been a director of CCPT and have a teaching experience of over 15 years. His planning skills are an asset to our institution.

Prof. Kiran Parchure

M.Sc. Tec. (IIT - Mumbai)

He is the senior most Professor of the team having knowledge and experience of over 20 years. He is a pioneer of our team. His In-depth knowledge of the subject not only helps the students but also give insights to the other Professor of the team.

His choice of MCQ and paper making is an asset to the institution. He exactly knows how to get the best out of Potential Toppers and at the same time how to increase marks for the weak students. He is very competitive and also makes the students understand the importance of exam and competition not only of the entrance exam but also for exams of life.

His fighting attitude is an inspiration to all the students from which students are always benefited by doing more than 100%.Students who work hard loves him while the students who are lazy and not ready to give their input fear him. But he cares for the student like a father and also fire students like a father. He makes sure that student do not regret of not giving 100% after the exam by always giving them personalized set of task to accomplish and grow the knowledge of subject as per the capacity of the studentsv

He has been a director of CCPT and have contributed in producing excellent results in many entrance exams.

Prof. Shrenik Shah

B.E in Computer Science

He is young and dynamic; make quick rapport with students with his excellence in shortcuts for calculations and approximations. His method of calculation techniques helps students to tackle problems in much efficient manner and save a lot of time. He is available for doubts for all the students in and even after class on Whatsapp.

His energy gives positive vibes to students and makes students like physics instead of running away from the subject.He also helps in planning out 24 hours for students to bring out more than 100% for the subject and reduces the pressure in long term.

He is a Director of FISIQUE (available on Play Store) and website www.fisique.co.in which is his creation for 24*7 doubts solving for the students online.He always brings out innovative methods to tackle the sums which help students to understand the concept better and solve sums in most efficient way. He has an experience of 10 years of teaching.

Prof. Hemal Joshi

B.E. Electronics

He have a planned approach towards the subject which helps the student to understand how to work out the sums by breaking them into smaller problems, solve the small parts and merge the results to get the solution of the difficult problem.

He helps students even with the basic doubts and understanding which makes weak students feel comfortable with the subject.He have excellent knowledge in Electronics and Optics related topics which are considered to be one of the most difficult topics to understand for the students. He explains difficult concepts in a lucid manner which makes extremely easy for students to gulp down the concept in their mind.

He also takes doubts on Whatsapp for the students to help them understand concepts quickly and without wasting time. He have an experience of 12 years of teaching.

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