Welcome to Physics Private Tuitions (PPT)

Welcome to Physics Private Tuitions (PPT)

Jun 06, 2018

born in the year 2016 when four stalwarts of Physics decided to come together as one unit. Let me add one important point here, though PPT is born in 2016 but all the directors have experience of teaching ranging from 10 to 20 years. So basically, PPT is combination of Experience and Enthusiasm, Knowledge and Passion, Execution skills and Energy.

Prof. Kiran Parchure, Prof. Avinash Mishra, Prof. Hemal Joshi, Prof. Shrenik Shah brought their Experience, Calmness, In-depth knowledge, Speed, Accuracy, Skills to develop fearless attitude in student’s mind towards one of the most difficult subject in Science stream.

This Quadcore Unit is itself a mixture of Competitive attitude, Passion for teaching, Caring and Understanding situations in student’s point of view, Stress-free Coaching, Making students capable of analyzing the problem and finding the solution rather than spoon feeding which works for all types of students.The planning for the entire course is done in such a way that the student just needs to follow it with trust and in return they get the best possible results without facing any stress.

The specialty of this institute is small batch size and directors themselves teaching the subject by which Professor can develop a healthy relation with students on individual basis and thereby the students get the guidance based on their capacity rather than having a common program which cannot fit for all kind of students.

Positive attitude is the key for the success and that is what a student receives in PPT from the Professor as well as the staff. Our staff also takes special care to listen to problem faced by student and help them find the correct solution and also keeping parents informed about the student’s progress. Every test marks are messaged to parent’s number to keep them updated regarding the progress of their child.

Half yearly Parent’s Meeting is also conducted so that the Professor can guide the parents as to what exactly their role at home is for their child’s improvement in the subject

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